Man (Dis)connected - Philip Zimbardo - What it Means to be Male in a Connected World

How are a new generation of men being effected by technology? No stranger to controversy - Psychologist and author Prof. Philip Zimbardo rocked the academic world in 1971 with his Stanford Prison Experiment. His research continued with such celebrated works as The Lucifer Effect, studies of time, heroism and Social intensity syndrome. In his latest book, Man (Dis)connected, Zimbardo explores the role technology is having on men academically, socially and sexually.

Are Young Men Struggling from "Disconnection?"

Dr. Philip Zimbardo, one of the most distinguished living psychologists, well know for his Stanford Prison Experiment, joins David to discuss the growing issue of the disconnection of men and boys from society.

Andrew Przybylski/Phil Zimbardo debate video game effects

US Psychologist Phil Zimbardo appeared on BBC to promote a new book that declares a decline in men's wellbeing can be traced to "isolated" use of video games and pornography. He is challenged not only by several young adult gamers but Oxford psychologist Andrew Przybylski who asserts evidence does not support the claims Zimbardo makes about the impact of games.

Luci e ombre del mondo digitale: dall'informazione alla socializzazione.

Intervento della Prof. Anna Oliverio Ferraris nel workshop sul tema dei social network in occasione della Giornata Mondiale della Salute dedicata al tema della depressione. Come stanno influendo le nuove piattaforme online sulle nostre relazioni e sulla nostra felicità?